Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Think of all the children in the drifts of snow. Winners never quit, but winters never rest.

I know I've been complaining a lot about the winter weather but today I had a slight change of heart. Although I don't like dreary days and frigid temperatures, I'm quite alright with snow days. Snow days mean I don't have to go to class, I can be lazy all day with my boyfriend and spend a copious amount of time blog-reading. Oh, and they mean pretty pictures! Prepare to be bombarded with them.




Oh, just ignore that snowflake obstructing my face...


and that one...







Hat, tights - Target; Coat - Old Navy; Cardigan, gloves, scarf - Gap; Shirt, shoes - Forever 21; Skirt - Urban Outfitters


And there's a little remix with these items ("just for funsies" - as a professor of mine likes to say) which I wore here and here.


Sabrina said...

so pretty!!! Not just the snow, you look beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

If I had snow days, I think I would like winter a whole lot more.

You look gorgeous and these pictures are so beautiful! I love how you always add a nice pop of color to all your outfits!



sharonlei said...

Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous pictures!!! And you look beautiful as well. Can you send me some snow?! I love it so much, yet I've never touched it. One day I hope!

xx Love & Aloha

Elaine said...

Love it! YOu look so cute!


amanda said...

this is gorgeous! i love the setting and your outfit. such a lovely coat! and i think we have the same skirt. have we talked about that before?

Diane said...

love this look on you! such pretty scenery too!

Clara said...

lovely looks

Wanderlusting Fool said...

wow these photos are gorgeous. Love the look. :)

Wanderlusting Fool

Sonya said...

Although it's cold it looks absolutely gorgeous where you are at! I love the coat, too.


heather said...

I really love the graphic tee with the polkadot skirt. so lovely. and the colors <3
i just found your blog today and wanted to let you know that i really love your style


lauren lanza osias said...

you look like a fairy princess!!! that snow is amazing, so storybook...me = jealous.

be a follower, not a hater

Anonymous said...

lovely snow pics! i love your coat & hat...lovely outfit & i like the idea of posting pics of how you've previously worn items!


Sushi said...

Really cute outfits and I love your hair too. Wish it snowed here! x Sushi

M. said...

love the outfit! props to you for going out in the snow, I hate it lol!

lovelove, M.

Coatlicue Fatale said...

the background on these pictures is amazing and kind of wishes that I could get some snow here where I live.

great "wardrobe-remix"

Kelley Anne said...

You look like a beautiful snow nymph! These pictures are great and your outfit is just perfect. I love the mix of the polka dot skirt and graphic tee.

Taylor said...

you are such a doll! Love the blue on you!!

LyddieGal said...

there is something so lovely about a snow covered world!

I love your hat and red peacoat, they are adorable!

libys11 said...

ooohhh i really adore the blue and red together!

Kimberellie said...

Oh wow, this outfit and these photos are AMAZING! I read your comment about you thinking "mom fashion bloggers are the cook". And so I thought: anyone that brilliant needs to be checked out!

Anyway I am glad I came to check your blog out! You have great style! I look forward to coming here often!


one of the cool mom fashion bloggers-


Sher said...

I came to your blog through the comment you left on Kendi everyday and I'm so glad I did! Because I love discovering new, beautiful blogs like yours.

The pictures of the snow are lovely but you are definitely lovelier:)

Hope you don't mind me following!


tess said...

cool shirt! even if you dislike the snow you still look great in it

kirstyb said...

loving that skirt xxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh I wish we were having snow days! You look so soft and pretty in these photos, how adorable are you!

P.S. Your hair cut is making me think twice about growing mine out!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

you had a snow day?? lucky girl! and that location is gorgeous!!

Lucy Marmalade said...

Nice pop of red.

Charmalade said...

I love your outfit, the play of bright primary colors! The snow does make the pictures super pretty (despite having snowflake-face); I also looove that beret and your haircut (so chic!).

I found your blog through that comment you made on Second Skin's post about blogging and the meaning behind it. I definitely agree! I try to keep my "real life" separate from blogging, partly because I feel people won't understand why I take pictures of what I wear daily.

Great blog!

Toast with Charmalade

Marie McGrath (The Joy of Fashion) said...

Love this winter look! the hat really tops it off nicely.


fashionjunkie said...

These pictures are stunning! I'm the same as you, if it's going to be cold, at least let it snow!


Jen said...

you're so gorgeous in the snow with all your bright colors! i have a love/hate relationship with snow and the cold weather although when it's snowing i tend to lean towards love. :)
and can i say how much i love that skirt of yours? i'm craving one just like it!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

i really like the red jacket against the white snowy backdrop. snow days are now seen as photo shoot opportunities!
xox alison

Lisa said...

Those are some amazing pics and I love the red coat!

Out of Order said...

Cute outfit, I have that hat too and almost wore it today ;]

sanjeet said...

I think I would like winter a whole lot more.
video models

Hannah said...

Just for funsies!!!

Anonymous said...

Um...the first picture with your Red Coat....totally Voguing it. <3 you look amazing.


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