Saturday, February 5, 2011

Milton, Demander of Cuddles.

In an effort to make my blog more about my life, as I mentioned in this post, here's a little post about my Milton. I haven't really talked about him that much since he was a puppy, but these days he has such a little personality. I can't even believe it but it's almost his first birthday!

Milton hug

I have never known such a cuddly dog. He always wants to be near someone, to be touched and paid attention to. And if you DON'T pay attention to him, he'll lift his paw up and place it on your leg and stare at you until you notice him. And if you DO pay attention to him he will eventually climb up in your lap. He might do it slowly, as if he thinks he's being sneaky. Or he might just jump up in one quick leap and settle down. He is SO demanding of love and attention. He recently lifted his paw up and closed my laptop because I was ignoring him while on my computer. How funny is that?

Milton kiss

He also loves to get underneath the covers on the bed. He will often lift them with his nose and then turn around and look at me. It's his way of asking me to hold them up so he can burrow underneath.

Milton smile

Even though he's getting bigger and older he's still the cutest, most loving little pup I've ever known. And he still has innocent little puppy facial expressions. I just love him.

milton funny
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