Wednesday, March 24, 2010


The thing about spring is: it's really cold in the morning, but warm by noon. So, if you have to get up and leave your house want to dress warmly. And then later you'll be like "Oh, it's so lovely! Why am I wearing these silly clothes?!" (This does happen to other people right?) This morning I had an early doctor's appointment, and a little time afterwards before class. This worked out well because I was able to dress warmly for my appointment and change once the early morning coldness passed. However, I only ended up with a few minutes to change because my appointment went way longer than this is what I hastily threw together.









Necklace, shorts - American Eagle; Shirt, shoes - Old Navy; Tights - ebay

Today I decided to enjoy the warm weather and venture out of my usual photo location. I started walking on a trail I'm not really familiar with, just looking for anywhere that seemed good for photos. I found an area with lots of big boulder-like rocks that I thought was neat looking, so I ventured up the hill towards it and began wondering around it trying to figure out where to set up my tripod and all that. As I made my way around the rocks I was stunned to see a random guy sitting on the very top of the largest rock. He was facing the sun and it looked like he was meditating. I tried to hurry away quietly because I felt really bad/weird about walking into his meditation zone. As I headed back down the steep heel (trying not to fall and break an ankle) I saw out of the corner of my eye some shirtless guy doing Tai-Chi or something. Again, this guy just kind of appeared out of no where. In both instances it seemed like I should've noticed them way sooner...but instead they just sort of popped up. I was so surprised and felt so awkward that I almost gave up on the idea of taking photos and just headed back home. But the more I thought about it the more I admired them. I'm always so concerned that someone will see me out taking my pictures and think I'm a total weirdo/narcissist. But these guys didn't seem to care about my presence, they didn't even seem to notice me. I promised myself I'd try to be more like them in the future. And then I took these pictures. They didn't turn out that great, but whatever. The end. (I'm really bad at endings...they are always kind of abrupt. Sorry if that was really boring.)


tess said...

love the purple shirt, great color on you

when I was in highschool we had to do this bizarre tell-all group bonding activity. we were divided into small groups and told to discuss money, politics, family, religion etc with our classmates. at the end of it, I lamented to a friend how I came off as a total spoiled brat during that activity and how I am sure that my classmates were now judging me for it. of course, some teacher overheard me and said that I was the judgemental one for assuming my classmates were making fun of me after. although this doesn't totally have to do with your story, it does relate to your self consciousness, which I can totally understand for I can be quite selfconscious myself. I think it is something you grow out of as you mature.

M. said...

those tights, I'm dying for a pairrrrr!

lovelove, M.

sharonlei said...

What a fun little journey you went on today.. Super cute story. You know the saying "Dance like no one's watching..".. well do the same when you're taking pictures. :) You pictures came out great. "Haste" looks good on you. Hee hee. Hope you're having a great day sweetie!

xx Love & Aloha

Amanda said...

Ha I loved how all these people kept popping up out of nowhere!

I was thinking the same thing about the weather this morning! It's terrible for me trying to get dressed at 7am for class and it's super cold and then getting out at 1 and it's super hot!!

Lucy Marmalade said...

You handled the hot-and-cold issue perfectly. Great outfit!

Heather Lynn said...

That used to always be the worst in elementary school because your mom would make you dress so warm but then by lunchtime recess it would be so warm out & you would be wearing jeans & long sleeve shirt.

I adore the tights & necklace. Lovely.

amanda said...

dude, you always find the coolest spots to take photos! so jealous. this is so awesome.

Charmalade said...

Great, I now have "Hot n Cold" in my head now, thanks to Lucy. But I totally get what you mean; I just thought about that this morning, actually! It's this perfect level of warm weather during the afternoon that's not too hot or cold, but it is a little chilly when I venture out. That's why layers are my friend. :)

I can also relate (how about that) with feeling self conscious while taking blog pictures. Just today I was with a friend who was helping me, when a guy randomly walked past. We awkwardly stood by, not taking pictures, until he left. This is an interesting experience that daily bloggers run into, isn't it? Blah, I'm rambling. I love the backdrop, and the necklace is so sweet.

Toast with Charmalade

kate maggie said...

purple is such a good color on you. gosh, im so into tights under shorts lately! x

Kristy said...

love the heart tights, they made this look that much more adorable! i feel you about being self-conscious when taking pictures. My neighbors caught me posing once and I was so embarrassed even though they apologized for getting in the way (and that apology made me feel even more embarrassed!!) Ah, the joy of blogging, right? :)

Diya said...

I love how simple but cute this outfit is! I love those heart tights...I had a pair from tabio but they ripped and now I don't know if I should order more since $20 is a bit much to pay for 2-4 wears...

Anyway, you look gorgeous in purple!

ps. if you have time, please check out my blog:

blackdog finds said...

I hear ya on the self-conscious part of daily outfit picture taking- I'm trying to get better at not caring about people seeing me.

Good for you for not just heading home, these pictures are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

lovely tights! i know what you mean about the self-consciousness when taking depends what mood i'm in though, some days i don't care if people see me! you got some great pics though!

SomedayNewYorker said...

Those tights are adorable.

Nishant said...

I loved how all these people kept popping up out of nowhere!
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Mademoiselle Paulina said...

nice outfit !

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