Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I want...

I didn't have time for an outfit post today. So, here's a few fun Polyvore sets with some items and trends I'd love to have in my closet.


Round Sunnies

Brown Sandals

Items in this set:
JAY, 160 GBP
Snick, $125

Sailor Style


Anonymous said...

I'm totally into the floral rompers and clogs and nautical theme outfits... yep, magical. It screams summer, and I wish I could own it all.



I would love love love any single item on any of these!
my favorite is the Elizabeth Lau blue dress with 3 bows eeeee.

as for your comment on my post, it really wasn't a field of wildflowers, hehe. it was just an overgrown front lawn that had some purple weeds, I just angled the camera low so it'd look prettier / hide the background of buildings, etc.

xoxo Rockie

Mitzi Cocoa said...

Clogs + Nautical = So good.

Those are all precious (and pricey) picks! (What alliteration!) ;)

tess said...

give me some nautical stripes!

Mousevox Vintage said...

I love the color palettes you've chosen here. xo.

Lindsay Jean said...

We have VERY similar taste! That chambrey dress with the bows - LOVE

Haha, and I own four pieces from your nautical set!

Maria Confer said...

Oh, I love these different sets!

Lulu Letty

Nathalie said...

I love these collections. I am dying to get flower power leggings and well, everything else :)

The Beso Team said...

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junghwa by amy stewart said...

Wow... great picks! Thanks for sharing.

Kitty said...

Great pics! Love the bow dress in top set ;)

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