Sunday, January 10, 2010

School Girl

I promise this blog will be more than just me posting photos of things I want. (I plan on doing an outfit post tomorrow.) But, I have to return to class tomorrow which reminded me...I really want a brown leather satchel to carry my school books in. I've been dying for one ever since I saw An Education.

I'm starting my new job at Urban Outfitters next week (eee!) and if I can refrain from buying everything there, I will save up my paychecks and buy myself a lovely new satchel.

Even though Christmas is over...there are always a few things left on your wish list you didn't get, right? What's left on your wish list?

Photos: An Education, Clever Nettle, Constance-Victoria,, Flair to Remember


Dylana said...

I really want to see that movie and all those bags are beautiful!

pixelhazard said...

Oh they are lovely. I have a op shop near work that has a few. Might be worth a shot since leather ages well

AudreyAllure said...

the satchels are so cute!

Loving Chiaradeanna said...

oooh the third outfit is the perfection! I like it so much ;)

Kennedy said...

ohh i love these! i've been lusting after a leather satchel for years now, i'm waiting til i find the perfect one in the thrift store. good luck at your new job!

D. said...

I looove the third one down. Beautiful.

Kennedy said...

ps: yes my bf and i are long distance (he is in nyc and i am in boston). its hard but there are pros to it, like you said, we never take each other for granted. <3

WM said...



Ally said...

Haha :) Yyup it's def more of alike a year-round wishlist! I want more comfy cardis and some amazing wooden wedges.
Congrats on the new job at UO! Awesome :D I wouldn't be able to contorl myself with a staff discount! lol

libys11 said...

wow!!! so you totally got the job in UO! that's pretty neat!!! congrats on that! :D

i love love satchels!! :D i'd love to own a real leather one someday! :)

Every Little Counts said...

loved that film! i am in much need of a satchel myself...if you find some cheap ones, post them :)


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