Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some news I forgot. And some advice I need.

Guess where I'm going on spring break?

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Yep, I'm NYC bound for the first time ever. I'm doing undergraduate research on Japanese kimonos and heading to all the museums to check out Japanese exhibits. But I'll have lots of time to check out other stuff as well...since I've never been before, I'd love advice from any of you who are familiar with the city! Good places to see/eat/stay/shop or any other hints. Plus I will probably be flying for the first time too so if you have any flying tips that'd be helpful too! And if any of you are NYC residents or happen to be going at the same time let me know and perhaps we could meet.


Diane said...

feel free to email me as to exactly what you are looking for...what type of food? things like that. i lived there for many years and recently moved (else i'd love to meet up). but shoot me an email:

Looks and Books said...

For shopping, definitely check out the shops in the East Village, along 9th St. Another good spot if you're here over the weekend is the Brooklyn Flea--so many interesting and fun things on sale, and also spectacular food vendors.
What kind of food are you looking for? I'm more familiar with Brooklyn than Manhattan, but most of my favorite spots are downtown (below 14th St.)--it's just cheaper, less touristy, and more fun down there!

Good luck!

tess said...

oo exciting!


*Cafe Mogador in the East Village, delicious Moroccan food. Best eggs ever.

*Central Park is always good for a nice walk.I love people/dog watching.

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