Saturday, June 5, 2010

Turning 20.

As of today, I'm only a decade way from 30. Eeek.

I'm not doing anything toooo exciting today, just hanging out with family and friends. I feel like a pretty boring twenty-year-old. How did you celebrate the big 2-0?

My boyfriend and I can't celebrate until Monday because he has to work. He just asked if I wanted presents or for him to just take me shopping. It's actually a hard decision...

P.S. - Don't you just love that lolcat?!


tess said...

happy 20th! I haven't turned 20 quite yet, but I will be 20 in less than a week, June 11, woohoo!

We will happen to be in NYC that day b/c we have a family reunion in NJ that weekend, so we thought we'd make a pit stop haha.

Anonymous said...

Happy b-day, girl!.

Charmalade said...

I basically celebrated my 20th with Boston creme cake and Beauty and the Beast with friends. I totally lived it up.

And happy birthday!!! I too love that lolcat. Or rather, I are in luvs wit it lawl. :D

Toast with Charmalade

Caitlyn, Bees with Feathers said...

Have a Happy Birthday! My next birthday I turn 20 too. It's kind of crazy how time goes so fast..

Poppy said...

My 20th was pretty crazy. I was busy doing the token, first year of uni madness of going out all the time and not coming home until 7am and rolling into my lectures at 9.
So my party was pretty much the same as that. A whole lot of booze and a whole load of dancing.
But if I could do it again though, I would've just stayed in bed eating my birthday cake with my boyfriend, aaaaaall day.
I'm pretty sure that's how my 21st is gonna go! Hahaha.
Happy Birthday, hope you have the best time ever. =]

Amanda said...

I love those candles on the cupcakes...too cool!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My 20th was back in January and I went ice skating! My boyfriend bought me this cute vintage dress I would go with the shopping if I were you :]

Breanne at Bella Vita said...

Hope you've had a wonderful birthday!! Enjoy 20. I just turned 24, so 30's looming a bit closer for me. ;-)

I hope you get everything that you want for your birthday!

Kyla said...

Happy Birthday!

I spent my 20th at a party in college. I even remember what I wore :) And that was almost 10 years ago!!!


Happy birthday little lady!

This post made me giggle, as I remember how 30 seemed so old when I was 20. Now I'm nearing 32 and feel so old making a "when I was your age" comment, but I seriously can't imagine myself as being "old" in the least. Maybe I'm just really immature.

Ellie Arneson said...

Happiest Birthday ever to you!
I spent my 20th with my boyfriend- he took me around the city for the day. It was quite fun!
And I day let him get you presents, surprises are the best :)

Lily said...

Happy belated birthday, Jessica!!! I celebrated my 20th with family and friends too. Two years later, that's what I'm still doing. I hope you had a wonderful time!

P.S. Your puppies are soooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!


Georgia said...

happy birthday! i turn 20 in a month eep! x

libys11 said...

ooohh happy birthday!!! :D wow.. you jsut turned 20?! i feel so old now. hahaha!

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Anonymous said...

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