Monday, April 12, 2010

Introducing: Blogs I ♥

I've known for while that I wanted to do features on my blog to share some of my favorite blogs and to get to know those bloggers a bit better. I didn't want to do a typical interview; so I tried to think of alternatives. I realized that one of the things I like best about personal style blogs is photos! Of course, I love reading what everyone has to say (and I promise I do actually read it) but I think one of the things that makes this blogging "niche" so unique and enjoyable is the photo-heavy content. It's one of the aspects that makes you feel like you truly know the blogger - everyone has their recognizable poses, facial expressions and (of course) style. So, I thought of the idea of doing a photo interview.

My first featured blogger is Mel of Idée Géniale. I discovered the world of style blogging through chictopia and I distinctly remember discovering Mel's blog. She was the first girl whose style truly amazed and inspired me - and that's why I wanted her to be my first feature!

Show us one of your favorite outfits and tell us where you wore it and why you love it.


The outfit I chose is a pretty simple outfit but for some reason I love how it came together. I think the colors are all contrasting but work well together. Unfortunately I only wore this to work, no where special.

Show us one of your favorite outfits from another blogger and tell us why you love it.


This picture from Lahlah is amazing. The porportions are just right and the colors are so soothing. I've been looking for a skirt just like this ever since I saw this look.

Show us a photo of you on a vacation.


This is when I went to Barbados. My boyfriend at the time worked for Air Canada so we tried to take advantage of cheap flights. Barbados was just one of those on a whim decisions. It was also the last trip we took before we broke up (sad face).

Show us a photo of your favorite food.


I absolutely love Indian food. I would eat it everyday if I could! I've become a master at making a mixed veg. curry. yum.

Show us a picture of you as a child.


Well, for starters I was blond. But other than that, I don't think I've changed all that much. I think a I was 4 or 5 years old in this picture.

Share a picture of you during your favorite season.


Summer time because it means that time!

Show us a picture of where you live now.


Brooklyn, NY . This is a picture of my house. I live on the main floor in a studio. I'm happy to be living in a house over an apartment, less noisy neighbors.

Share a photo of you and your favorite hobby.


It's no secret that I love to knit. This picture was taken a Michael's craft store. In the yarn aisle, of course.

Show us an item you're dying to have for Summer.


I've been on the hunt for a 50's (inspired) one piece swimsuit.

Show us a picture of you acting silly.


I was out with some friends and we were at this bar that was completely empty. They had this back room and the stage was all lit up so we decided to ham it up. Here's me, hamming it up.

Be sure to check out Mel's blog if you haven't already!


Erin said...

ingenious. what an original idea for interviews. i can't wait to see more!

M. said...

I love the idea of pictures and explanations rather than questions! It's so cute! and I'm starting my blogger of the month feature soon too :)

lovelove, M.

M. said...

I love the idea of pictures and explanations rather than questions! It's so cute! and I'm starting my blogger of the month feature soon too :)

lovelove, M.

Kelley Anne said...

This is great. What a good idea. I loved the interview through photos.

girlxoxo said...

Totally loved how you did this interview. Love that blog too!

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

Awesome idea!! So creative!! BTW... I gave you a blog award today!! :)

tess said...

this is the best interview idea ever, so fun and informative! thanks! looking forward to more of these posts

anne said...

what a fun interview!

Gracie said...

Lobely idea and great choice for your first feature - I love Mel of Idee Geniale, she's just nice. And stylish too.

DMKG said...

I love it! I hope to ssee more of these!

Amanda said...

What a great idea! I always love looking at pictures too, so this is such a great unique way to do an interview :]

Anonymous said...

Ok, this is a little bit genius. I love the photo interview, it totally helps give a great look at the blogger you're featuring! Good idea!!


Catherine said...

This is such a wonderful interview! Normally I read interviews that feature my favorite bloggers, but this was totally original. Props to you!

♥Lola said...

Thanks for these links, checking out these blogs now :)

showgirl godzilla said...


phoebe said...

love this... the photos are so fun!

Jenni said...

i love this idea for an interview. So entertaining and engaging!

And Mel is one of my favorite bloggers.

Alexandra Hoover said...

This was such a fun interview. Great idea!

<33 Alex

Anonymous said...

Cute interview! I love the use of pictures!

kate maggie said...

I loved reading this post! Thanks so much for sharing. Mel is a sweetheart, great choice. You are too lovely girl. x

Anonymous said...

love this idea & enjoyed seeing Mel's photo choices!

Maria Confer said...

I love this idea Jessica. This has to be one of the best blogger interviews yet. Love the photos you ask for, makes such an interesting read.

Plus, Mel is amazing. Such a great inspiration. And I love that she was blond as a child, like me!

Lulu Letty

Mousevox Vintage said...

Great idea! I love seeing her "life" in pictures. Great blog, too.

Elaine said...

Mel is so nice and she has such great style! I loved this interview of her!

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Classical Vintage said...

Check out my vintage website!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oh my gosh, this is SUCH an original idea for a blogger feature interview! So much more interesting! I love it - and I absolutely love Mel! :)

Amy said...

Rad. This is a great way to do a blogger highlight. Looking forward to seeing more!

Mich said...

this is bril. love it.

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